Internationales-Kopie Spanisch

Internationales (Incoming / Outgoing)


1.Incoming Kursangebot für ausländische Studierende / Course offer for international students

If you are interested in a Spanish course please read carefully the following information:

How to get into a Spanish course?

What can I do if my Spanish course is already fully booked?

  • Please contact the Spanish Department:
  • Please consider that we need the following information to process your request as fast as possible
    • Name
    • Matriculation number
    • Erasmus-Student, yes or not?
    • In which course are you interested? (Please send us the full name, e.g. Elementarkurs EK I A)

2. Outgoing Auslands-Angebote für Studierende der FAU

Unterrichten & Arbeiten im Ausland