EWF-Practical Phonetics (AE) / EWF-Phonetics 2/3 (AE)



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  • Do 8:00-9:30, Raum Zoom-Meeting ICS

Students who took up their studies as of WS 2020/21:
Aufbaumodul Language (L-UfE, L-Gym). To be taken in conjunction with Speaking Skills.
Students who took up their studies before WS 2020/21:
Zwischenmodul Language (L-Gym); Vertiefungsmodul Language (L-UfE).


In Practical Phonetics /Phonetics 2/3 students build on their theoretical knowledge of the sound inventory of English acquired in Descriptive Phonetics / Phonetics 1: Theory and analysis of the sound system from the perspective of German learners of English. Students put their theoretical knowledge into practice with regular recordings and analyses of their own readings of texts in English. Students gain an awareness of the range and respective severity of typical deviations from standard British and American English pronunciation. Students identify common pronunciation problems for non-native speakers of English as well as their own individual pronunciation difficulties. Students develop their pronunciation on the basis of constructive feedback. Prerequisite: Descriptive Phonetics / Phonetics 1: Theory

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