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English Phonetics

Theory and Transcription (British English)

Welcome to our phonetics course page!

This page will be used as a platform for the download and task management of my phonetics course(s). It will be regularly updated and expanded.

If you are currently attending the course, please check this page regularly. It will give you an idea of the contents of sessions that you may have missed and give you the homework for the next session. Home preparation for the course is therefore required from all participants, including those who missed the session in which it was given.

In general, please allow quite a bit of time for home preparation, transcription exercises and for listening to as much authentic English as you possibly can! In general, I recommend the auditory image approach to anyone who feels that their intuitions in English frequently let them down - or who finds it difficult to predict the pronunciation of unknown chunks of English.

Note that the 'old-style' pre-bachelor course does not use a prescribed course book; the new Bachellor phonetics course, however, does require one, which is to be obtained from the Language Lab in C103 from Wed, 9 March.

In the coming summer semester I will be teaching two phonetics courses again, one in Erlangen on Mondays and the other in Nürnberg on Wednesdays (same as last semester). As last winter semester, the two courses will be compatible to the extent that we can hold a joint exam, which will be equally geared to refelct the work done in both courses.


EXAM RESULTS of WS 2007/08

Congratulations to all who have passed (you will see that this comprises by far the most of you)!
Commiserations to all who did not quite make it - better luck next time!

Feel free to use the Forum for general feedback regarding the course, the exam and related worries...

Those of you who did not register in advance but sat the exam anyway, please see me in my office hour.


Links to course resources (currently still referring to WS 2007/08, but will be updated shortly):

  • Contents of both British English versions of the current phonetics course.
  • Handouts distributed so far.
  • Definitions page (collected in this and previous courses).
  • Transcription texts and their solutions. We will be discussing these texts in the next couple of course sessions; meanwhile, feel free to use them for your own transcription practice. (Those of you who have a copy of the EngLang Pronunciation Course may want to listen to a native speakers' recording of the texts.)
  • Our English Phonetics Forum is open to your queries, comments and suggestion now. Once you have been registered, why don't you follow the link and either reply to an earlier posting or start a new thread!
    (If you have not registered for the forum yet, please contact our administrator Maya at "andersmal[at]" and give your real name, chosen nickname and which course you are in - ER/N.)
  • Some more English texts and their transcriptions, courtesy of Geoff Sammon (Univ. of Bonn), for some extra transcription practice. Their transcription conventions differ a little bit from ours, but you should still find them useful...
  • IPA typewriter and sound generator. Note that this page was compiled by a student of general phonetics, and the sounds are therefore not identical with the sounds of English. Nice page to play with, though...


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